Eton screen: Decorative screen in oiled Oak and brushed aluminium

The inspiration for this piece was borne of my fascination with Japanese calligraphy, and a desire to achieve an interesting balance of tension and harmony between the flowing organic forms of the natural timber which interact with the crisp aluminium framework.

Each screen is unique, as no two trees are ever the same and my response to the shapes is continually varied

The wood for the original screen in this series was sourced from a Mulberry tree that fell on the playing fields of Eton College during a severe storm

An Oak from the famous 18th Century landscaped Painshill Park in Surrey was used for this screen, kindly donated as a part of their pruning program and given a new lease of life

The positioning of the timber on the flatbed saw can dramatically alter the resulting contours of the wood, and so the journey from selecting the timber to the finished screen is very unpredictable and exciting

Laying out

The light unseasoned oak will become rich and warm as it ages.

The contrast between the soft and hardwood becomes more pronounced over time

Showcase of British Creativity at Lancaster House during Olympics (British Business Embassy)